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13 French Science Fiction Stories 10 French Writers Take A Very Human Look At Alien Experiences Of Life, Love And Logic.Contents Juliette 1961 By Claude Fran Ois Cheinisse Trans Of Juliette 1959 The Blind Pilot 1959 By Nathalie Henneberg Trans Of Au Pilote Aveugle As Charles Henneberg Olivia 1965 By Henri Damonti Trans Of Olivia 1960 The Notary And The Conspiracy 1962 By Henri Damonti Trans Of Le Notaire Et La Conspiration The Vana 1965 By Alain Dor Mieux Trans Of La Vana 1959 The Devil S Goddaughter 1960 By Suzanne Malaval Trans Of La Filleule Du Diable Moon Fishers 1959 By Charles Henneberg Trans Of P Cheurs De Lune The Non Humans 1958 By Nathalie Henneberg Trans Of Les Non Humains As Charles Henneberg After Three Hundred Years 1965 By Pierre Mille Trans Of Dans Trois Cents Ans 1922 The Monster 1965 By G Rard Klein Trans Of Le Monstre 1958 A Little More Caviar 1963 By Claude Veillot Trans Of Encore Un Peu De Caviar The Chain Of Love 1965 By Catherine Cliff Trans Of La Cha Ne Et Le Collier 1955 The Dead Fish 1955 By Boris Vian Trans Of Les Poissons Morts 1947

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    Three of the stories, Juliette by Claude F Cheinisse, The Vana by Alain Dor meiux, and The Chain of Love by Catherine Cliff, involve emotional or physical intimacy between a human and non human, further complicated by the fact that, in all three stories, one of the participants in the relationship is in some way the property of the other Perhaps not coincidentally, this human non human intimacy ownership theme was also prominent in one of the few other non Verne works of Gallic SF I have read, L ve future by Villiers de L Isle Adam The Vana is the best story in the collection so honestly does it represent certain features of male desire that, according to Knight, it was rejected with cries of outrage by a well known American men s magazine.The three stories by the husband and wife team writing as Charles Henneberg are a mixed bag The Blind Pilot is a decent story of an alien lifeform left as security in a pawn shop by a space pilot the futuristic setting nevertheless reminded me at times of Victor Hugo s medieval Paris I found Moon Fishers , a tale of time travel to ancient Egypt, trying to pack too many wonders into its 22 pages without convincing me of any of them ...

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    First things first the cover of my edition promises a collection full of outrageous continental futuristic erotica If that s what you re after, look elsewhere Only a couple of the 13 stories deal in any way with sexual relationships, and neither are especially titillating.What we get instead is a ba...

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    Juliette Lugu m istusega auto ja selle omaniku armuloost Ei midagi v ga erilist.The Blind pilot Pime kosmoselaevapiloot omandab veidra telepaatilise olendi Hoolimata loo vanusest siiani snagi m juv ja karm tekst ks kogumiku lmemikuidOlivia Mehest kes s nnib ja sureb aina uuesti ja uuesti ainukese eesm rgiga hele tibile meeldida Ma ei oska enam tagantj rgi isegi elda kas meeldis v i ei, midagi siin tekstis nagu oli.The notaru and the conspiracy Ajar nd kui vahend v ikekodanliku elu igavusega v idelda Pisut liiga keskp rane.The Vana julm lugu d stoopilisest hiskonnast, kus ksikud noormehed rahuldavad enda sugukirge kaugelt planeedilt eksporditud naistekujuliste loomadega Meeldis.The devil s gooddaughter Miski kehvapoolsem muistend, ei k netanud.Moon phishers Ajar ndur satub kesk egiptlaste ja tulnukate v gikaikavedu Sama lugu nagu Oliviagi, et raske hinnangut anda Pigem raske lugemine ja l pplahendus ei suutnud ka eriti llatada Hoolimata sellest, et hku visati suures koguses erinevaid suuri ideid.After thr...

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    Closer to 3.5 stars, really A mix of some fairly average and some very good short stories from authors who did not find much success in English speaking countries As such, it s a good way to introduce a reader to some authors, often ones with a different slant on the science fiction story Nathalie Charles Henneberg s meeting of historical romance and science fiction in particular works well, as do three subtle alien invasion tales, by K...

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    This short story collection is an excellent sampler of mostly late 1950 s science fiction from France The quality of the writing and just as critically, the quality of the translations is high and the stories almost all of them character driven, and most of them about love albeit, oftentimes strange, alien love hold the reader s interest In the year 2016 one might wonder if the stories are dated let s just say thi...

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    LOVED this gem of short sci fi stories Reminds me of Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep and Ray Bradbury s work.

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    Excellent, but very different take than Science Fiction written in the U.S.

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