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Night Embrace (Dark-Hunter, #2)Dear Reader, Life Is Great For Me I Have My Chicory Coffee, My Warm Beignets, And My Best Friend On The Cell Phone Once The Sun Goes Down, I Am The Baddest Thing Prowling The Night I Command The Elements, And I Know No Fear For Centuries, I Ve Protected The Innocent And Watched Over The Mankind, Making Sure They Are Safe In A World Where Nothing Is Ever Certain All I Want In Return Is A Hot Babe In A Red Dress, Who Wants Nothing From Me Then One Night.Instead, I Get A Runaway Mardi Gras Float That Tries To Turn Me Into Roadkill And A Beautiful Woman Who Saves My Life But Can T Remember Where She Put My Pants Flamboyant And Extravagant, Sunshine Runningwolf Should Be The Perfect Woman For Me She Wants Nothing Past Tonight, No Ties, No Long Term Commitments.But Every Time I Look At Her, I Start Yearning For Dreams That I Buried Centuries Ago With Her Unconventional Ways And Ability To Baffle Me, Sunshine Is The One Person I Find Myself Needing But For Me To Love Her Would Mean Her Death I Am Cursed Never To Know Peace Or Happiness Not So Long As My Enemy Waits In The Night To Destroy Us Both.Talon Of The Morrigantes

☉ Night Embrace (Dark-Hunter, #2) PDF / Epub ❤ Author Sherrilyn Kenyon – Anguillais.us
  • Hardcover
  • 408 pages
  • Night Embrace (Dark-Hunter, #2)
  • Sherrilyn Kenyon
  • English
  • 20 January 2017
  • 9780739435342

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    I wasn t crazy about this DH book like the other ones because, gasp, I think there is too much sex in this book The sex scenes get to the point where you re skimming because you want to get back to the story I realize that fundamentally, Sunshine and Talon are very sexual beings No issue there Some people are But after a while I didn t really need to read scenes with them being sexual I just got old and distracting from the plot and Kenyon s phenomenal storytelling.Talon s backstory was very interesting, and I wanted to read about that than him and Sunshine shagging He s half pagan and half Christian with a Celtic heritage He lost his whole village, partly through some of his actions His past is very tragic and sets the tone for his future Now he s a Dark Hunter who kills Daemons and shags as many beautiful women as he can to while away his time Okay Some readers probably find that sexy I really didn t His backstory worked tremendously well, but I didn t love present aspects of Talon s character As for Sunshine, I just didn t find her that interesting She came off as kind of a sleazy, hippieish, biker groupie chick I m not saying that s bad, but she didn t really intrigue me She was nice and sweet, but just not a heroine that I got involved with as a reader But I do have to say, they were very much kindred souls, and ...

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    Talon or Speirr of the Morrigantes Hunter Sunshine Runningwolf Human Why Talon become a dark hunter Tragic story and a combination of many things.At age 7 his parents died and he and his infant sister Caera were thrown out of their Druid tribe.Later his uncle was murdered and his aunt was raped and murdered, his wife Nynia died in childbirth and their son was stillborn And finally his clan killed his beloved little sister in front of him And then he was killed Naturally, he came back for revenge.Sunshine A vegan artist who is drowning in pink and purple flowers everywhere in her home She will seduce Talon with amusement and joy.One thing I loved Talon lives in a shack on a bayou surrounded by his two pet alligators Settings New Orleans, Louisiana The dialoges of the book are actually quite funny and made me laugh out loud There are many MANY steamy scenes The story overall was fun and exciting.Favourite quote Something was different about Sunshine.He couldn t count how many centur...

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    2,5 STARSI liked the previous two books in this series, but with this one I was n0t feeling it.The first 15% were like

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    Here we go,Dark Hunter Flashcard 2Name TalonAge 1,430 give or takeFormer Occupation Celtic DruidSpecial D.H power Controlling the weather, telekinesis, healing, chatting with the dead Reason why he became a D.H His clan betrayed and killed him and his younger sister.Best thing that came out of his mouth on priorities management Coffee Daimons Coffee Daimons He finds his one true love when He saves her life from a Daimon attack.He falls for her because At first I was willing to bet that he just couldn t resist her patchouli scent but as it turned out I was mistaken.Her Name Sunshine Runningwolf Age 29Occupation ArtistBest thing that came out of her mouth Talon Size Clothes Cover him up I m going to go get Talon clothes Keys Need keys for car Purse Money for clothes Shoes Must have shoes to shop and keep feet warm.She falls for him because He s got something th...

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    No s si se debe a que la habilidad de la autora para crear emociones en el lector ha ido decayendo de una novela a otra, o si finalmente, uno se termina acostumbrando al estilo y argumento de los libros de esta serie, pero encuentro que esta entrega es bastante m s plana que las anteriores La historia de amor que se presenta en El Abrazo de la Noche no me logr enganchar ni por el lado sentimental ni por el lado er tico que es, por cierto, el fuerte de estas novelas , sin mencionar que la l nea argumental es pr cticamente igual a la del libro inmediatamente anterior, Placeres de la noche Donde vuelve a ganar es en la profundizaci n del entorno m tico y sobrenatural que sustenta los relatos entran en acci n nuevos seres y se logra ahondar un poco m s en la sugestiva figura de Aquer n, l der de los Cazadores Oscuros, quien, como dice el dich...

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    I knew if I hung in there I would start to like this series This book was a lot of fun There is Talon, an ancient Celtic warrior chieftain who is now a Dark Hunter, and Sunshine, a hippy chick artist who would forget her head if it wasn t attached I loved Sunny She is hilarious.When they meet, Sunny saves Talon after he is run over by a float Yes, a float It makes sense when you read it So, she takes him back to her insanely pink loft and undresses him to wash his clothes while he sleeps Of course, she washed his leather pants, and threw them in the dryer And, then she left his wallet at the laundromat and it was stolen And, to top it all off, she dropped his car keys and they fell down a drain So, he wakes up with no pants, money, or the ability to drive his carnot to mention the fact that there is sunlight coming into the windows to fry him Talon looked uneasily at the woman and the faint sunlight in the room He wondered which of them was the most lethal to him. This starts their adorable courtship Yes, I said adorable Sue me I love how Talon finds Sunny charming despite her air headed ways And, Sunny herself is hilarious and yet strong in spite of her quirks She is just what he needs.Aside from their story, we get a lot of glimpses into some of the other Dark Hunters and I can t wait to read their stories Ash what the hell is his deal And, Zarek can t wait for him to get a HEA Oh, and even Nick, the squire He is so sarcastic and funny Love that guy On ...

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    Greek Gods Vampires Daimons Were Wolves Dark Hunters Celtic Gods Insignificant Humans blabbering the whole book Concept 2.5 5.0Execution 2.5 5.0 Characters Bespoken 3.0 5.0Cover 3.0 5.0Overall 3.25 5.0As for Talon and Sunshine I am amazed how Sherrilyn Kenyon does it How does she make you feel so home with Vampires, Daimons, Were Wolves, all sorts of Gods, curses, boons, and importan...

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    Reviewed for THC Reviews 3.5 stars I know that the Dark Hunter series is an extremely popular one, and after reading and thoroughly enjoying Fantasy Lover, the prequel, I truly thought that the series would become a favorite of mine too Unfortunately, I have yet to be completely sucked in by it The next two stories in the series both suffered from some of the same problems, and for me, Night Embrace has followed in their footsteps While there were some things that I really liked about the book, there are quite a few things that I disliked as well, so I ll start with those First, there was a huge overabundance of characters, so much so that they stole a lot of face time away from the hero and heroine, and it became difficult to keep track of all of them To begin with, there are six different classes of beings deities from Greek and Celtic mythology daimons vampires humans one ghost a bunch of demons that were briefly unleashed and hunters slayers , of which two different sub sets, Dark Hunters and Were Hunters appear in this story Then there is the impossibly long list of characters who fall into each of those categories I literally started jotting down all the ones I k...

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    another enjoyable read in this series, even if it is only the second book.LOLwill continue to read the rest of the series

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    Bu kad na ve yazd klar na bay l yorum Kitab n iki noktas beni olumsuz etkileri alt na alm t en ba ta Talon ve Sunshine n sevi me kapasiteleri beni bile bayacak konuma getirmi ti Ki ben b yle tav an misali iftlerden rahats z olmam Neyse ki kuru seks sahneleri okumad k yle olsayd daha s k c olurdu Aralar ndaki bu h zl yak nla ma ve ba lanma durumu beni Nynia fakt r y z nden tedirgin ediyordu nl Talon s rekli bu iki kad n kar la t rma e ilimdeydi Ve o ger ek ortaya kt nda lk hissetti im rahatlama oldu.B yle bir ey beklemesem de yazar m thi bir atak yapm t ger ekten Kitap bir anda y n de i tirdi benim a mdan ve merak m katlana katlana okumaya devam ettim.Zengin bir kadroya sahip serimizde yan karakterleri ve ge mi te okudu umuz kahramanlar m z g rmek beni ok mutlu etti Kyrian ve Julian n di er kitaplarda da kar m za kmas n ok isterim Bunun d nda devam i in kuduruyorum nk Zarek Onunla ilgili renmemiz gereken ok ey varm gibi g r n yor...

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