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Aquarius Rising HOW MUCH DO YOU RELY ON PLANETS Ben Fama Poses This Question In His Astounding Astrological Sequence Of Poems, Aquarius Rising He Doesn T Depend On Planets He Sees Signs In All That S Around Him Sky, Sea, Sequins A Poetic Horoscopist, He Knows That There Is Nothing Difficult Or Fun Than Attempting To Make Sense Of The Present For Fama, The Present Presages Another Present, And Then Another And He Reads It With Wit And Wonderment And Wily Smarts I Take His Words To Heart Fama Is The Future DEREK MCCORMACK, Author Of The Haunted Hillbilly And The Show That Smells If You Love Someone You Might Want To Call Her And Leave Ben Fama S Poems As Messages On Her Voicemail The Messages Would Be Informative And Casual And Glowing They Would Be A Big Deal A Glamorous Shrug From The Heart HEATHER CHRISTLE

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    This is a lovely chapbook by a sweet talking boy, one who thinks too much and too deep for his age Or maybe he s just acquired a different sort of wisdom still mixed with playfulness and awe I have no idea how old he actually is, but the spontaneity of the poems and some of the images make me think he s in his mid 20 s, tops A phrase like I come bearing.gifs is a techie twist on an old phrase Images of waves, bullfighters and sequins contrast with the deeper and sometimes darker message underneath Angel Youth , Later in my sleepI say aloud take my word on itthis beautiful shipwreck can never become realbut wake me up and tell me I m wrong In Tauromachy he creates a list of comparisons and conditions but adds visual details to keep them from sounding like dull axioms, and the effect is of a roguish observer, too young to yet be jaded happiness exists only if it canbe spread across a grouping of dayssometimes the world at midnight seems emptylike an empty room in a sad empty galler...

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    Terrific writing Really loved the subtle, rhythmic qualities of these poems I was also tickled pink to find a book of poetry with so many allusions to astrology and the spiritual life Creative effort made with structures, here, too, although I also enjoyed the traditional pieces written in coup...

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    Thanks to Amanda.

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