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Pandoras Gift Flint McCallum Is A Man On The Edge Of Darkness, Pandora Paige An Artistic Free Spirit Who Helps Guide Troubled Souls Out Of The Dark Towards Hope.From The Moment They Meet In A Bar On The Bayside Fringes Of Melbourne, Australia, These Polar Opposites Are Destined To Join Together In A Blaze Of Passion A Blaze That Pandora Hopes Will Be Strong Enough To Blast Away The Darkness Keeping Flint Captive.Flint Doesn T Believe In Magic, But The Mystic Forces That Make Pandora What She Is Challenge The Very Beliefs On Which His Life Has Been Built.Yet As She Becomes Deeply Ensnared In The Intriguing Force Of His Magnetic Yet Troubled Personality, How Will Pandora Protect Her Own Heart From The Dangerous Lure Of The Dark

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    This short story is an intriguing and erotic romance with a unique spin on the myth of Pandora.An artistic free spirit, Pandora helps guide troubled souls out of the dark and towards hope Flint is a man on the edge of darkness and doesn t believe in magic, but Pandora challenges the very beliefs his life has been built on This fast paced short novella brings to life the mystical and captures the reader s imagination...

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    Jennifer Lynne has crafted a sensual and incredibly beautiful story in Pandora s Gift I loved the well developed, real characters and the way they connected on a soul deep level Flint is a man in torturous emotional pain, blaming himself for tragic things that happened in the past He feels such guilt and remorse that he closes himself off to everyone around him, including his son Pandora is the only one who senses Flint ...

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    Jennifer Lynne s novella Pandora s Gift was a wonderful read A dark tortured hero and a heroine strong enough to heal his wounds through the best sex of his life made this story unique Lynne s writing is beautifully detailed and the interaction between the characters is intense, brin...

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    I always enjoyed a book with a touch or of the paranormal and this one delivered I also liked the characters thought the relationship was very believable I have a problem with the instant attraction true love...

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    Loved this one Strong, interesting, believable characters, a hot romance, and mystical elements as well The well crafted story kept me turning the pages all the way through, and left me waiting for the next book by Jennifer Lynne.

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    Very enjoyable read The characters and story is very appealing I enjoyed the extra elements that made it than just a straight romance Pandora s extra ability to sense things, Flints son and the fact that it was set in Melbourne Loved the ending the way it ended with Hope

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    Probably closer to 3 1 2 stars So I tagged this as paranormal, but it s only paranormal in that Pandora is drawn places to help people, and she can somehow get into the minds of people And then there was her sculpture that was odd Well, and then that thing at the very end where she just knew.I enjoyed the story and thought it was an interesting, unique story And it was really well written It was just hard for me to stay involved in the story, and I m not sure why that was It s not like I can point to something specific and say that was why it took me what felt like too long to get through this story, considering it wasn t a long story But it was a sweet story of an unlikely couple Flint is being chased by demons from war Pandora just seems tired, but Flint stirs something in her that nobody else ever has And they re able to help each othe...

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