❃ Dos Gringos kindle Epub ❧ Author Frederick R. Andresen – Anguillais.us

Dos Gringos During The Mexican Revolution, A Penniless Norwegian And A Drifting Irishman Meet In An El Paso Bar And Are Hired By A Pittsburgh Con Man To Fix A Gold Mine In Mexico With Parts Which, They Discover Too Late, Purposely Don T Fit The Norwegian Is Focused On Fixing The Mine And Needs The Money To Propose To His Girl In El Paso The Irishman Is Focused On The Local Women, Is Fresh From Ireland S Bloody Easter Uprising, And Needs To Redeem A Painful Guilt And Find A New Life They Both Are At Gunpoint To Perform Or Not Perform Their Mutual Distrust Fades In The Face Of Guns From The Warring Sides And They Must Work Together To Survive And Escape Back To Texas Complicating Their Mission Is A Mysterious Black Suited Man Selling Guns To Both Sides In The Mexican War, Part Of Germany S Intrigue To Keep America Out Of World War I And A German And Brit Are There To Spy On Each Other El Paso Is Far Away Based On A True Story.

❃ Dos Gringos  kindle Epub ❧ Author Frederick R. Andresen – Anguillais.us
  • Paperback
  • 161 pages
  • Dos Gringos
  • Frederick R. Andresen
  • English
  • 08 August 2017
  • 9781432746636

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    Some historical novels set a story in a particular time and place as a vehicle for teaching history Frederick Andresen s Dos Gringos tells an exciting and often humorous tale that happens to take place during the Mexican revolution as World War I raged in Europe This is not to say that the book was not well researched It is obvious the author had firsthand knowledge of some of the people and events described The story is of two new Americans, a Norwegian and an Irishman, trying to survive an impossible situation in Mexico and return to Texas to pick up lives they were unwise to leave Mr Andresen deftly draws the reader into the tale and leaves them wondering until the last few chapters whether the heroes will survive Dos Gringos is a short book th...

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