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Lilys Journey When Fifteen Year Old Lily Hayes Loses Her Mother, She Is Forced To Leave London To Live With Her Estranged Father In The Wilds Of Dartmoor Accustomed To City Life, Lily Is Unprepared For The Hardships Of Living In A Remote, Primitive Cottage, And Her Newly Found Father Takes A Little Getting Used To As Sidney S Gruff Manner Thaws, Lily Learns Some Of The Devastating Secrets Of Her Family S Past Though Lily S Life Has Taken A Turn For The Worse, She Is Grateful For The Friendship Of The Charming Edwin Franfield, But When Tragedy Strikes, A Stranger With Troubles Of His Own Becomes Her Surprising Saviour.

!!> Read ➵ Lilys Journey  ➹ Author Tania Crosse – Anguillais.us
  • Paperback
  • 521 pages
  • Lilys Journey
  • Tania Crosse
  • English
  • 27 June 2019
  • 9780750531771

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    English review Deutsche Rezi unter der englischen Rezi Romantic story of a strong young woman.This book blew me away in the most positive way When I got it, I liked the cover, read the blurb and I thought that would be a great read I had no idea how much better it would be The book tells Lily s story in a span of about four years In this way you get to know Lily, you feel incredibly close and connected with her When Lily fell in love, I was instantly in love, too When her heart was broken, I had to swallow hard Also the happy moments sweep you away and they made me laugh and giggle Lily is so likeable as well as strong and exemplary It shows what is really important in life Sometimes, not everything has to be said.Further I like the author did not label anybody as a scapegoat People make mistakes, but none is a thoroughly bad person.The story of Lily is very realistic I ve never read a book that took place just after the Second World War Something had always pushed me away I wanted nothing to do with it Through Lily s Journey the topic was brought closer to me.All in all, I ve fallen in love with this book I would like to give him a million stars, but it is unfortunately lim...

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    Really good read Set in the 50s I think, with lots of great quaint language Wonderful descriptions of a place I ve never seen, but can imagine the beauty of Follows the story of 15 year old Lily Hayes who is sent to live with her previously unknown...

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    This is a romantic novel in which the beautiful descriptions of the Dartmoot moors do not compensate for the predictable plotting and characterizations.

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    4.5 StarsWhat a sweet little gem of a book How can you not fall in love with Daniel and the Dartmoor Moors More people should read this one.

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    Simply amazing The way the author writes makes me feel like I am in the plot as well I could almost feel what the characters were feeling Amazing.

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    this book needs to be made in to a movie

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