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Consent: A Memoir of Unwanted Attention

In this compelling and disturbing true story Rebecca Traister , a young woman s toxic mentor develops a dark, stalking obsession that disrupts her career and her peace of mind Donna Freitas has lived two lives In one life, she is a well published author and respected scholar who has traveled

Gods of the Upper Air: How a Circle of Renegade Anthropologists Reinvented Race, Sex, and Gender in the Twentieth Century

A dazzling group portrait of Franz Boas, the founder of cultural anthropology, and his circle of women scientists, who upended American notions of race, gender, and sexuality in the 1920s and 1930s a sweeping chronicle of how our society began to question the basic ways we understand other cultures

The Miracle and Tragedy of the Dionne Quintuplets

When they were born on May 28, 1934, weighing a grand total of just over 13 pounds, no one expected them to live so much as an hour Overnight, Yvonne, Annette, C cile, milie, and Marie Dionne captivated the world, defying medical history with every breath they took In an effort to protect them fr

In the Country of Women

In inland Southern California, near the desert and the Mexican border, Susan Straight, a white self proclaimed book nerd, and Dwayne Sims, an African American basketball player, started dating in high school After college, they married and drove to Amherst, Massachusetts, where Straight met her tea

Heroism Begins with Her: Inspiring Stories of Bold, Brave, and Gutsy Women in the U.S. Military

For fans of Rad American Women A Z, Rebel Girls, and Women Who Dared comes an inspiring collection of than 80 profiles about the brave women in the US military who fought hard for their country and even harder for what they believed in From the Revolutionary War to present day, women have prou

The Pretty One: On Life, Pop Culture, Disability, and Other Reasons to Fall in Love With Me

From the disability rights advocate and creator of the DisabledAndCute viral campaign, a thoughtful, inspiring, and charming collection of essays exploring what it means to be black and disabled in a mostly able bodied white America Keah Brown loves herself, but that hadn t always been the case B

Just Like Beverly: A Biography of Beverly Cleary

Just Like Beverly follows the life of beloved children s author Beverly Cleary from her early years in Oregon to her career as a successful writer who wrote stories, including the wildly popular Ramona and Henry Huggins series, for kids just like her As a young girl, Beverly Cleary struggled to lea

My Name is Why

At the age of seventeen, after a childhood in an adopted family followed by six years in care homes, Norman Greenwood was given his birth certificate He learned that his real name was not Norman It was Lemn Sissay He was British and Ethiopian And he learned that his mother had been pleading for

When I Was White: A Memoir

The stunning and provocative coming of age memoir about Sarah Valentine s childhood as a white girl in the suburbs of Pittsburgh, and her discovery that her father was a black man At the age of 27, Sarah Valentine discovered that she was not, in fact, the white girl she had always believed herself

Confessions of a Bookseller

Do you have a list of your books, or do I just have to stare at them Shaun Bythell is the owner of The Bookshop in Wigtown, Scotland With than a mile of shelving, real log fires in the shop and the sea lapping nearby, the shop should be an idyll for bookworms Unfortunately, Shaun also has

Texas Flood: The Inside Story of Stevie Ray Vaughan

An instant New York Times bestseller The first definitive biography of guitar legend Stevie Ray Vaughan, with an epilogue by Jimmie Vaughan, and foreword and afterword by Double Trouble s Chris Layton and Tommy Shannon Just a few years after he almost died from a severe addiction to cocaine and alc

A Good Provider Is One Who Leaves: One Family and Migration in the 21st Century

No matter your politics or home country this will change how you think about the movement of people between poor and rich countriesone of the best books on immigration written in a generation Matthew Desmond, author of Evicted The definitive chronicle of our new age of global migration, told